Friday, December 23, 2011

The must eat place in Patong Beach!

Last night, on a whim, my brother, future sister-in-law and I went on a hike from our hotel, the Patong Resort, to Baan Rim Pa restaurant as Harriet had seen on the flight in that it was great.

We found the restaurant at the end on the beach, over looking Patong Beach, and were rather underdressed for the restaurant.  But none the less, we ventured forth initially concerned we may not have brought enough money with us.

As you enter there is a whole wall filled with awards which the restaurant has won. As you round the corner there is a table of what can only be called 'fruit art", carvings in melons, carrots and other foods!  Its was so amazingly detailed!!

The set out of the restaurant was amazing.  Candles on every table, a fantastic view, and impeccable service,  We ate "family style", where everyone orders a dish and you share everything. Harriet ordered a soft shell crab with chilli jam, Chris ordered the beef massaman,  I ordered the Roast duck curry with lychee.  Harriet summed it up del when she exclaimed "This is the first food I have eaten in Thailand which has actually made me go ''wow".

The bill was a bit expensive, being 2300 Thai Baht (about 70 USD), but for a treat and a lovely dining experience it is worth the money.

The restaurant website is here.

Don't wear your singlets and shorts here, present yourself well!!

Until next time!!

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