Friday, January 6, 2012

Snorkelling and Wake Boarding - Koh Phangan

Yesterday, Noi, from the Gecko Club, Dan and Kim arranged for me to go on a day boat trip to Koh Phangan (where the full moon party is held) with Noi and her newly acquired French DJ's.  The day was incredible the sights were brilliant.

Are you jealous?

We drove our speedboat past an Island which is used for harvesting bird nests for birds nest soup, a delicacy here in Thailand.  There were all these red flags on bouys and on the island.  Those red flags mean "If you come on this island we will shoot you".  SHOOT YOU!!! They can't be that nice!!! Imagine if we had red flags around our Tim Tam factories!!

Our first stop was at a really shallow reef where we were able to snorkel and check out some coral and fish.  The coolest bit was feeding the fish bread.  I kept breaking it up and spreading it around me.  The fish kept biting me in their efforts to grab a feed which tickled like buggery!

Feeding fish break in the waters off Koh Phangan

Afterwards, we decided to have an international wake boarding competition.  Australia, England, France and Italy!! England, represented by Kim, won, hands down, however the rest of us had zero experience wake boarding and Kim got up first go and pulled off some jump and 180's.  English sure do show off when the actually get around to winning something don't they!! ;)

Kim doing her victory lap!!!
Kim and I after her stella board!! :)

The afternoon was spent finding venues for our French Dj friends to play at.  We found the Kangeroo bar (on the same beach as the Full Moon Party) which was nice, and we enjoyed some of the local beverages before heading home early as 2 of french boys turned quite ill and we needed to get them home.

After the Kangeroo bar the boat ride home was incredible!! We skimmed across flat seas, in full moon light, clear skies with millions of stars, and coming into Bophut there were chinese lantern's sailing into the air and fireworks shooting off all over the beach.  Absolutely surreal! :)

Our French DJ's,  Axel, Guilliam and Tony, who we followed around the island!

How to get there:
From Koh Samui, you can catch a ferry to Koh Phangan, however we hired our own private boat which will cost you about 30,000 THB for the day, which includes use of snorkel gear (but bring your own fins) and wake board.  They will also wait for you until you are done to bring you home to Koh Phangan

It was one of the best afternoons ever!!  If you can afford it (share with your friends) definitely book a private boat.  It will allow you to see a lot really quickly and boats are just fun!!

Thanks to Dan and Kim and Noi for organising a brilliant day!!  Looking forward to some more parties in Europe with you and our new DJ friends!!! :)

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  1. Thank you so much for this day .... thank Noi , Dan & Kim .... really happy to meet you ... it was an amazing day ......


  2. Sounds like you had a brilliant time, how wonderful. It's great to be able to get such regular and interesting updates on what you are doing, fantastic. I feel like I'm sharing and enjoying your holiday just reading about it. Marg R.

  3. Guillaume! It was great to be with you on that day! Such a great time!! Can't wait to hand out again!!

    Thanks Margaret, glad you are enjoying the read!! Its fun to keep the blog updated! :)

  4. Yeah man, you doing well, I couldn't keep it update it like that, awesome mate and keep that going!

  5. Hi Alex!! Thanks mate!!

    You make an appearance in the next one - promise!! :)