Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Things in Bangkok - Reclining Buddha has nipples....

After the Grand Palace (see post here) I made my way to the Reclining Buddha. This is a must see, even if just to ask yourself how/why they put such a piss-off big buddha in such a small teeny room? Well, in comparison anyway.  OH and get this, the Buddha has nipples!!  Seriously!! And just quietly, I think the buddha may be a little chilly!  But then, the buddha does have a butt. Not joking, he has no butt whatsoever!! Just sayin'!!!

The giant Reclining Buddha... and his erect nipple.

Buddha has a one cheek flat bum!!

This isn't the building the Buddha was in, but it was pretty.

Doesn't this statue look like it could come alive and kill you with mystical kung fu powers?  Creepy.

Sexual Harassment Buddha says STOP to nipple perving!! 

And so does all his sexual harassment buddha friends!  

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