Thursday, January 5, 2012

Challenge accepted: DJ tryouts and living the high life!!

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you've thought to yourself "how did this happen"?  Well that happened to me yesterday.  I met two friends of a mutual friend, who commented on a post a couple of days ago, at a club here and had an absolutely BRILLIANT TIME!

Dan and Kim left me a message on a post (here) after getting word that I was in town for a few days and invited me to one of their mutual friends' club, the Gecko Club in the hills of Bophet in Koh Samui.  Before I go further, a word of caution, if you are trying to find this place DO NOT go to the Gecko BAR! The Gecko BAR is a tacky little hole which is really a Japanese hooker bar. The Gecko CLUB is a premises in the hills of Bophet (the fishing village) which has a pool, and serves up great drinks, brilliant food, with some phat beats.  The club is really simple, but that is part of the charm, and the views are amazing.  The club looks out over what seems to be half the island.

Kim managed to take this snap by accident.  This pool had three levels and I didn't see the third one!! I ended up underwater fully clothed, but true to Aussie form kept my beer above water!!

After my accidental dunk!! AHahahah

As it turned out, the owner of the Gecko Club, Noi, has a son who is a DJ, and Noi is quite well known on the island, very quickly sorting me out a penthouse hotel room at a local hotel for a few nights! Cha-ching!! That day she also happened to be auditioning some french DJ's for a spot at ... wait for it... THE FULL MOON PARTY!!  So my afternoon was spent swimming, eating, drinking, lounging, and listening to top quality DJ's all afternoon!  (If you go there try the chicken soup or massaman. To. Die. For.) The DJ's were quite good too, I must say!  Noi liked them as well and after hearing them managed to get them a few gigs on the island.

Not a bad place to test out your DJ skills.  Our French DJ's auditioning for Noi.

To make things even more interesting, the DJ's are also making a documentary on their (The DJ's) touring around the world, and now that they are playing at the Full Moon Party tonight, guess who's going with them!!  Ch-YEAH I AM!!!  We have a private boat taking Noi, the DJ's, a film crew and Dan and Kim across tonight, but before that I have been invited to spend the day on the boat sight seeing around Koh Samui!  How lush!!!

Kim looking very at home!!

Anyway, these guys have planned a huge day for me, so I have to run!!

Until next time!


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