Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The results of my one week health kick.

Hi All,
since me in my underwear was one of (but no the most) popular posts I've written so far, I decided to do a week health kick to get my body back into tip tip waterfall climbing shape. Just in case such instances arise again!!!

Basically, the changes I made to my daily routine I outlined here.  But importantly, I did take up yoga classes and went to at least one class every day except Sunday. God doesn't like yoga.  Most days I tried to do two sessions minimum, but if my body wasn't feeling up to it or if I was week from the stupid diet I put myself on I cut it to one.  A couple of days I did three classes, that four hours of yoga in one day, baby!

So, I cannot speak with absolute certainty as to how much weight I lost because I didn't measure myself at the start of the week, but I did about day two and I weighed 83.5kg (184lb).  I just finished my last class for yoga (I could do two more tonight but I have a plane to catch), and I just weighed myself again... 79.3kg (174.8lb) BITCHEZ!!!!!  That's 4.2 kgs (9.3lb)  In seven days.  Pretty impressive.  I have to say my boy feels so much better.  Not really from the diet (because the food from the yoga place was shite and tasted like fart) but I am really noticing that my body is much more limber and I feel taller.

So, what has been your best health kick experience??  If you don't have one, well... I just wanna brag!! Ner ner ni ner ner!!

Just kidding, but seriously, I rock! ;)

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