Wednesday, January 11, 2012

6 ways to live life like you're on vacation everyday!

The last few days I have been wondering about how to maintain some sort of holiday lifestyle when not on vacation!  It seems so many people work crazy hours, just to spend a few weeks unwinding before getting back into the daily grind.  So I had a bit of a think today, while sitting in my 5 star airconditioned hotel villa in tropical Thailand, about how one can bring some of the holiday lifestyle back into 'normal life'. This is what I came up with....

1./  Pamper yourself in small easy ways.
Quality hotels love to pamper their guests, because unless you know someone like Noi (see here), you are paying a lot of money to stay at their hotel, and they want you back.  But the reality is, a lot of the "little extras" don't actually cost too much, they just need some forethought.  So, in order to pamper yourself a little bit as if you were on holiday why don't you:
  • Roll up your towels and leave them sitting by the bathtub, or near the shower.
  • Pick some flowers from your garden then before you use the bathtub, sprinkle some into the water, maybe even light a candle or oil well, walk back out of the bathroom, put on a fluffy robe and come back in.
Roll petals and rolled up towels!

  • Get your partner to leave you a few gifts around the house occasionally. A gourmet block of chocolate.  Some unique specialty soap.  A new crisp newspaper or magazine.  Do the same for them!!
  • Eat more fruit.  Seriously, how much more fruit do you eat while on holidays, just because it is cut up for you or you are not sure if anchovy flavoured oatmeal will taste any good!  Eat the banana instead of the chips.
  • Stop drinking instant coffee.  Just, no.  Buy a coffee plunger and wait the extra three minutes. Use that time to read a magazine, make a quick meal or breakfast, or cut up some fruit!  Maybe even try switching to some exotic teas!  They are really good, I promise, but do try for loose leaf!
2./  Learn something new!
  • Its amazing how many people go on holiday and THEN decide to take a cooking class (read about mine here), Yoga class, or language course.  Um, where are you from, Uzbekistan? Chances are you can do these courses at home. So go, book them in, and make sure you give them priority and don't stay back at work. Seriously, go book them in... NOW!
Khmer Amok from my cooking class. See here

3./  Get more sleep!  
  • Listen to your body clock... you're tired.  Criminal Minds isn't that good, I promise.  And sleep with your curtains open.  You will wake up naturally with the light.
4./  Give something back!
  • Its also incredible to see how many people come overseas to spend time in an orphanage, or community building, teaching English (like I am), or the like.  It makes sense, you feel like you are making a difference and helping people.  It feels amazing, like nothing else.  But there are many ways you can do this already at home.  There are amazing organisations like Rotary Internation and the Lions Club are always doing community projects. Youth Focus (Perth, WA) is constanly looking for "big brothers" and I assume sisters to act as mentors to troubled youths!  Two of my favourite people, my mother and Momo spend time volunteering at a local hospice!  There are lots of opportunities to do good at home!
 Children playing at Jimmy's school.

Me teaching tha kids to speak good English, 'ay!

5./ Be open to meeting new people.  
  • Know someone who's coming through the area, or have a friend who has?  Do you have a spare bed, couch, piece of floor, dog mat???  Chances are someone would love the opportunity for some free board and it's a great way to meet people.  The guy I spent NYE with, Alex, is from Germany and he met my Mum in Canberra before coming to Perth.  Mum had already called ahead for him so he could crash on my couch.  Meeting more people can only lead to greater things. Make an effort to try to got to a new place on a regular basis, even if it's just once a month.
Despite hanging out a few times (this time is in Thailand), this is the only photo in existance of Alex and I.  I was laughing coz he couldn't get his camera to work after calling everyone else retards for not being able to press the button.  Viola! Bad pic of Dan, good pic of Alex!

6./ Food
  • Because sometimes, you are just meant to eat that extra course, or order that one more thing to share with everyone... just to try it!!!
  • But do eat more fresh fruit!! Its good for you and your skin.  Your body will thank you.

What say you?  Do you have any tips or tricks for bringing holiday mode back into the real world?

Until next time,

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  1. Really like your writing style buddy, you put so much effort in it I take my head off! It's was a pleasure to meet you and I'd such a good time when we meet each other. Enjoy the rest of the travelling and keep it going like you do...
    Take care!

    1. Thanks for the feedback Alex!! :) You enjoy your travels too! Maybe we party in Germany!! :)