Thursday, January 12, 2012

My final supper!

Contrary to popular belief, since I have begun travelling I actually have been packing on the kilo's like it's no one else's business! So last night I decided, that even though I am travelling, I need to cut out some of the excessive living and get my healthy on!!

To make sureI went out with a bang, last night I was talking to a friend back home who also digs his food and we picked out a room service meal for kings! Then I went to the hotel restaurant to eat because I  think there is nothing more depressing than ordering room service unless its a)breakfast, b)really late or c)you've been drinking ( oh come on, who isn't craving wok fried egg noodles after a night out!!!)

So, I wondered down to the beach restaurant, sat in a day bed and promptly ordred the below.  It was SOOOO  good!!

 To start with, cognac flavoured crab bisque, garnished with crab meta and served with pizza bread.

 Fried fillet of sea bass with white wine, caper and shrimp butter, served with sautéed zucchini and vegetables. 
A side of wedges 

Kahlua and chocolate flavoured mousse.  I'm not even apologising.... I enjoyed this with an espresso martini.

The net gain of my caffeine saturated dessert was that I couldn't sleep til 5 and I missed my morning yoga.  Fitness fail.  But screw it, it was worth it!!

What say you? Do you have any cheeky dishes you occasionally indulge in?

Let me know!

Until next time,


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