Thursday, January 12, 2012

6 things from Asia to laugh at - toilet humour! :)

OK, it's giggle time.

I'm pro... whatever pro you need to be to support everyone being able to do what they want.  Doesn't mean I can't laugh at you though!

Not hilarious, but always makes me smile, this girl had just noticed herself on my camera display and couldn't stop laughing! 

Just in case you were thinking it was ok to use a urinal to wash your hands... it not, apparently...

 And this is weirder than the last. What the? I'm NOT allowed to clean my shoes or take a shower with the toilet hose??  Kill joys!

 At first I thought this meant no sex in the taxi van.  But then Monisha pointed out it obviously meant no HETRO sex in the van.  Of course!  :-/

At first, I thought this was a really nasty derogatory t-shirt and was thinking, "man, you allow gays to have sex in vans but then say gays cause AIDS... that's really mean!".  On second look though I figured out what it meant.  Sex standing up causes AIDS.  Makes sense, I guess.  Or maybe spanking causes AIDS... I dunno.

Hope that gave you a chuckle before the weekend.

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  1. It makes me giggle that you tagged this with the phrase "lady boy" :P

    1. Yes, a little risqué! Great to hear from you Em!! I like your profile pic! :) Go JCLA!!!

      Checked out your blog, only one post? Sad face!!