Monday, December 19, 2011

5 foods which freak me out in Cambodia

There are some weird foods here!  It's kinda like, shooting for the mark, but JUST missing...

1./   Insects or crawly things!! 

Got a pregnant craving for deep fried tree ants?  No problem if you're here in Cambodia?  Want to catch up with some friends over a nice plate of deep fried tarantula? Easy!!  

I know its a very sustainable option! I know that it takes less energy to produce food with insects than it does cows or larger animals! I know it's healthy!  I know it's a very logical and sensible thing to eat these!  the only issue is... have you ever had a dead but perfectly looking spider half the size of your hand come at your mouth?  No? It tastes good, really, but boy you need to man up to trust the sucker has no more life in him!!

See my post about eating tarantula, with a video here.

2./  Fried morning glory...

I can only think of the other morning glory.  Not.  Necessary!!

3./  Cambodian Cheese (Prahok)

Not cheese at all.  Salted, fermented, fish bits.  It smells terribly which is why it has the nickname Cambodian Cheese...  I can think of something else that smells which you could name it after!!

4./  Nut flavoured milkshakes... 

This is just odd.  I've seen peanut and macadamia (I think).  They also mix it with other flavours like Vanilla and peanut milkshakes...  How do you blend that??

5./  Whiskey with animals in it...

OK, not a food, and I haven't had it here in Cambodia, but it's readily available.  Have you had whiskey with a scorpion in it?  What about snake?  I had some in Vietnam on a study tour a few years ago and you know what I learned?  The bad taste isn't from a rotting animal in your drink.  Mekong whiskey is just plain awful and gives you a hangover like no other!!!

Lastly, here is a great blog post I found about why foreigners get Cambodian food "wrong".  Interesting if you are coming here!!

What is the weirdest food you have ever eaten?

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