Thursday, December 22, 2011

Awesome, impractical designer luggage!

Oh my God!! Look what I found!!!  If you are looking to buy me a Christmas present this year, please buy me one of these!!!

This is awesome, beautifully made luggage from UK designer Sarah Jane Williams!!  The luggage is designed to be unique and what as come out of the design process is what looks like wonderfully colourful, well made,  impractical looking luggage.  And boy it makes a statement!!

What impresses me most about the luggage though, is not the outside, but the inside!  Look at what Sarah has done with these pieces!! Pure genius!! The cases use the inside space brilliantly with drawers, cabinets, cases and pouches!

Every traveller needs great luggage! So don't be one of those everybody's with a wheelie suitcase or duffle bag.  Don't be one of those try hards who want Gucci or Louis Vuitton luggage.  No one believes it's real anyway! It just looks like you go to Bali too often and that you need to be seen carrying a brand!! Get one of these and stand out from the crowd.  If nothing else, they are great conversation makers while you are queuing up!!

If you don't think these are for you, that is fine too, but PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE buy me one!!  It is the season for giving, no less!!  Website is here if you are interested!

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