Thursday, December 22, 2011

How to save BIG bucks on your hotel booking!!

This is a really quick post, as I sit in a hotel lobby, screwing a hotel over on the price of their rooms.

I am in Patong, visiting my li'l brother for two days before I fly to Bangkok for Christmas.  I rocked up to the reception in the hotel he is booked and asked them how much for a room for a night or two, to which the responded somewhere in the vacinty of 4000 - 4500 Thai Baht (125 to 145USD) for each night.  So, I asked them to hold my luggage while I searched for my brother at the pool, and also bought one hour of internet (I cannot believe I had to buy internet by the way... why is it only the nicer places that charge you for internet?)

Once on the internet, I jumped on both and, both which had 50% off deals. Not only that, for a few dollars more, I could get upgraded to a larger delux room!! So I am pretty happy, and looking forward to walking up to the counter and telling the manager I have a booking! :)

There are other sites out and about and they are really worth looking up! It takes a bit of planning (sometimes, but not always, like today) but with the main costs of holidays being flights and accommodation, you may as well save where you can!!

What about you?  Do you have any experience with massive hotel savings??  Please share!

Happy savings all!!

Until next time,

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