Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Ancient Temples of Angkor, Day One


I was terribly sick last week and whatever bug I had was unrelenting until about Saturday night, so I have been unable to really get into town to upload a post!  My apologies for that! But the good news is that Tash's mother Marg has arrived so we have begun our tours of the area which include, of course, the ancient temples of Angkor.

I just want to be careful not to understate these temples.  This is real Indian Jones territory. Definitely one of the greatest things I have ever seen so I am glad I can share some of this with you.  Over the next three days I will be posting up slideshows of the best pictures I take each day to give you a glimpse of how awe inspiring these buildings are.  On the final day, we will finish up at Angkor Wat, the largest temple of Angkor, and the largest religious building in the world, at sunset.  So I am definitely saving the best for last.

I have whacked a song in the background to try to keep it interesting (and for me to try to condense everything into a few minutes, which is hard.

So it is with great excitement I give you my first day of pics to the ancient temples of Angkor.  ENJOY!!!

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