Friday, January 27, 2012

My worst day EVER!!!

Wow, yesterday was a doozy!! Probably my most stressful and expensive day as yet.

My day started, hungover from Australia Day, packing, and heading out to breakfast.  Everything was fine until I headed out to the Airport.  I was doing my usual thing, whereas I don't really check in until I need to, because I hate airports, only to realise I had left my travel wallet with my passport in my hotel safe.  FAAAAAAAAARK!!! I jumped on a motorbike and fanged in into Siem Reap, ran up 2 flights of stairs and raced back to the airport but I had missed check in by 10 minutes.  No matter how much begging or pleading I couldn't let them to let me through.  So, I got the duty manager over and basically said to him, I need to be in KL in 17 hours, no, there is a time difference, 16 hours, for another flight. How do we make it happen?  He assured me that there were no more flights to KL, to which I responded to check through Bangkok and also through Vietnam.  Vietnam was going to arrive too late for my connecting flight, but Bangkok was fine.  We managed to get me on the flight despite Chinese New Year celebrations.  550 bucks and a tip to the duty manager later, we are all good.

I was all checked on when the duty manager asked me if I wanted to check on my back pack.  Usually I take it on board with me as I check a suitcase, but the thought of carrying it around Bangkok airport for a few hours was enough to convince me to check it this time, as my suitcase was being stored at the Pan Pacific in KL.  So, bags checked, sitting in the hall. All is well and good.  I keep a close eye on the departure windows because I am sure not missing this flight. I watch. "Checking in" is all that is on the screen, until I hear my name being read out and to see the staff for flight XYZ to Bangkok immediately.  I couldn't believe it, there was no way I was being called for my flight!! So, I presented myself only to hear the words "I am really sorry sir, but I regret to inform you that..." My heart sank into my chest..."because of your late addition to the flight we don't have a meal for you".  I started laughing! "Oh my God, is that all??  It's a one hour flight! thats fine!"  They offered to pack me a lunch but I assured them everything was ok.

So I make my way onto the plane, still holding my heart and laughing to myself (they actually let me skip the line) and we were on our way to Bangkok.

I have made my mind up about Bangkok Airport. It blows.  I hate it.  Its hard to navigate. Nothing makes sense. Its way too spread out. On top of all that, you have to pay for wifi, and it costs nearly 10 bucks an hour!! That is disgusting!!! But I bought my wifi and entertained myself until my flight boarded.  I slept a bit until woken, why flight attendants feel the need to wake you to see if you want a meal I'll never know, I am always perfectly happy in my slumber.  Anyway, the flight was uneventful until I got off the plane to pick up my bag.  Immediately I could see that it had been opened ands I knew what was missing... I had left my wallet in my bag and it was now missing.  I was livid! I loved that wallet and I was more mad because I hate Bangkok Airport and so I just wanted a valid excuse to hate on that turd of an airport! So I reported my wallet missing and was thankful that when booking a hotel earlier in the day I chose the convenient, albeit expensive, option and booked into the Pan Pacific which is a lovely hotel within the airport complex.  I was annoyed and upset when I rocked up, but immediately they recognised my name in the system and upgraded me to a nicer room and business suite which made for a nice positive change to an otherwise expensive day!  At least some people know how to treat me on this continent! The staff would wouldn't dare think of stealing my wallet.  ARG!!!

Anyway, day of disaster over!! I am in a very comfortable bed and waiting for my wake up call to move the check in counter, early of course.

What about you?  Have you ever had shocking travel days??

Let me know!!

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