Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Things in Bangkok - Great Palace

Sorry I have been online for a few days! I have been busy starting up a business with a friend of mine and for a few days have been locked in my hotel room researching and preparing for a meeting, which coincidently, went very well!!

However, after a day and a half locked in my room in Bangkok I decided that there was no way I wasn't going to see some of the city.  So I ventured out and headed to the Grand Palace, and reclining buddha (post on Reclining Buddha here).

I have to say, I was pretty awestruck when I first saw the Grand Palace.  I was a bit hesitant to go see it as there are many temples and shrines in Asia and one can get tired of them but I was amazed at this palace.  This is the sort of place that Donald Trump wishes his place could look like - a palace covered with gold, mirror and coloured glass mosaics.  Except somehow you don't think "tacky" when you see it done in Asia.  When Trump just does tacky - very, very well.

The Grand Palace is located in old Bangkok.  You need to get a tuk-tuk or taxi there as the sky train doesn't go that far, though alternatively you can also take a boat/ferry as it is by the river.  I did try to get scammed about three times by people coming up in "tourist police" uniforms asking what I was doing, responding in shock when I said the Grand Palace as "it closes at 1 o'clock, but if you take a tuk-tuk you can see other places".  They then proceed to take you to other shrines etc but stop off at a place on the way, usually a jewellery store and say they are out of fuel, so you may as feel look at the store while the driver gets fuel.  The driver then gets paid for bring you to the store, and you don't get to see the Palace.  I however did not fall for said scam or plastic identity badge, how cynical of me, and we inside and saw the palace. 

I just thought I would leave you with some of my favourite photo's from the day for you to enjoy! :) 

The dragon below has a ball in it;s mouth, it is said to be good luck if you can remove it from its mouth.  Impossible, I tried!  And I am pretty strong! ;)

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