Sunday, January 15, 2012

7 ways to stay in shape (or get back into it) while on vacation.

Alright, so despite all my positive comments regarding my waterfall photo's, where I was climbing waterfalls in my underwear (see here) I've actually put on about 5-6 kilo's (about 11 pounds) since I left Perth in early November and have been hovering around the 83-84kg (185lb) mark, awfully close to "my line".

I have theory everyone should have "a line" which is the weight limit that when you hit you say to yourself "MMhmmmm GURl, if you don't start moving yo ass Shaniqua and Tashayshay will be awl up in yo grill hollerin' 'Baby Got Back'. So get yo hands off dat fried chicken...".

My line is 85kg, and I prefer to be at 75kg (165lbs) but it takes me more and more effort to get back down there these days. Stupid ageing.

But when I am getting back into shape, I have six easy ways to not dramatically alter what I do to start getting back on the healthy train while on holiday.

1./  Cut soft-drink, Drink more water - go for 4 litres a day.

Soft drink, soda, pop, fizzy drink, water you want to call it, it is REALLY bad for you.  Stop drinking it.  Replace with water, 4 litres a day, to start see some great results.  There is that old misconception that you only lose weight drinking so much water because you make so may dashes to the loo.  While that is true is that you have to move your butt to the loo a few more times a day it works for other reasons as well.  Your body actually retains water naturally (as it also retains energy from food etc) and by providing your body with a constant supply of water will cause your body to release it.  But the good part is, one of the places water is retained is right under the skin.  So if you are wondering why you can't get that tight skin look this might be the reason!  To help get my 4 litres a day up, I switch my usual drinks to soda water, which I think counts.

2,.  Carry around a few snack sized tins of tuna (and some spearmint gum)
Wanna know why, because you are suppose to eat more meals a day to increase you metabolism - six is the recommended amount.  But shoot, who has time to think of all that right? Who wants to prepare six meals? I can when I'm at home, but on holiday, nope.  But if you have a tin of tuna, you can knock one of those suckers back every few hours if you have nothing else and you have no excuse to not.  Foods high in protein (tune is) also help you feel fuller for longer, meaning you are less likely to need to snack on unhealthy foods.

3./  Implement the "Value for Calorie" concept
A friend of mine in Melbourne introduced this to me.  I was discussing how, when I was in training to lose weight, I would limit myself to four alcoholic drinks a week.  The result being, that when I actually had a drink, it was a drink I really wanted.  So instead of having 8 Budweisers in a week (*shudders*) I might have four Fat Yaks, or four nice aged scotches.  Also, because I wasn't buying as many drinks I could justify paying more for the drinks I was having.  My friend used the same process for food.  Instead of eating a lot of something that was ok or average, but not very good for you, limit yourself, and spend a bit more on something that was really good, but there was less of it.  So, aside from the booze example.  Why buy a bucket of cheap lollies, when you could have a small block of delicious gourmet chocolate?  It tastes better, and it ends up being better for you!  Or allow yourself ice cream 3 times a week only, but get the nicer stuff!

4./  Exercise where you can
You should be trying to exercise for 30-40 mins a day.  If anything else it will just make you feel great.  This doesn't have to be a chore though.
Why not:

  1. go for a bike ride around town rather than taxi? 
  2. go for a walk at sunrise/sunset? 
  3. take up ocean swimming while away or use the hotel pool? 
  4. take a yoga class?
  5. have a lot more sex (it counts, but only if you are active.  No star fish!!!)
Aren't you glad I didn't put up a photo of two people having sex???

See, exercise doesn't have to be boring!!! :)

5./ Cut carbs in the evening

This can be hard because it includes alcohol and night time is usually when you drink.  But it also includes things like pasta's, white rice, breads, fruits (though not s bad) etc.  Go for some meat and vegetable dish instead and have your pasta etc at lunch time.

6./ Give yourself a challenge!!
I found two great internet programs to get you doing either 100 consecutive pushups or 200 consecutive sit-ups. It takes longer than you would normally be on break, it's about six weeks, but it is a great way to set some goals and strive for them while you have some time to yourself!

For 100 push up challenge go here.

For 200 sit up challenge go here.

7./  Take up daily massages.

They are good for your health... right??  If they are obscenely cheap, do it!! :)

What about you, do you have any health tips for while on holiday, or just in general?

Until next time!!


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  1. Good read. I agree, tuna is such an awesome way to stay healthy.

    In a weird way, that man in the massage photo looks almost but not quite like you, Dan. Doppleganger?


  2. Hi Rylix,
    Thanks for your comment. Tuna is just easy! I find that the best ways to stay healthy are to find things that fit in with your lifestyle. When I lived in Perth I used to ride my bike everywhere, though I appreciate that isn't practical for everyone.

    You think he kinda looks like me? At least he isn't a fugly!! :)


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