Saturday, December 17, 2011

Scuba diving Cambodian style!!

So, after my hangover in my last post, I somehow ended up on a boat for two days...  Totally, I did.  I decided to not run for my boat after I woke up extremely hungover, and later in the day my awesome diving instructor asked if I'd like to go on a live-aboard for a few days.  A live aboard is a boat which you... wait for it.... live aboard for 2 days while you get to do a number of dives on different reefs. The advantage being you can go to further reefs because you don't need to get back to anywhere!!

The funny thing about diving is, it is the most inelegant sport ever.  Here I was thinking I would add to my repertoire of man skillz by being able to scuba and conquer another element but instead of looking like I thought I would, which is this...

  I actually looked more like this...

See, Scuba is just inelegant! No one can make that look good! And for the record, that guy above isn't making scuba look good. He's making snorkel look good. And I bet he wishes he had a body and tan like me!! :P

But the live aboard was mad!! I went on eight dives, including two night dives, and saw some mental stuff.  I got to see a bamboo shark, a massive ray, heaps or coral and fish!! Just awesome!! 

The two staff we had onboard, Manu and Rachel, were awesome, friendly and very knowledgable of diving and what we were looking at on the reefs.  Manu had to double as a chef, as the usual chef was pregnant.  So we had European food the whole way which was a nice change!

 Manu cooking up a storm for our final breakfast. Rachel eating melon... :)

 Could you get better looking dive instructors? No. Further proof you cannot make scuba look sexy!!
(You need to wait for the gear to get put on!) 

Rach and I on the way into Sihanoukville on the final day!

The diving is great, with so much to see and visibility of at least 30 metres!  We went about 5-6 hours off the mainland to some remote reefs and had some really awesome dives! I got one small sting from an anemone which has left a small black mark on my leg, but other than that it was just mental!!

Getting there:
Ok, so if you want to do this, the voyage costs $295 for 8 dives (2 night dives), 2 nights accommodation, all meals.  You can book at The Dive Shop (website here, blog here) in Sihanouk Ville or Koh Rong (or any of the other dive shops, I'm assuming).  You might need to have you diving open water on you, but you may be able to do it at the same time if you are lucky.

Finally, my video I made on the last day of the voyage.  Pretty my saying the same stuff as on here. Same same but different!!

If you want to comment though, my question for you is, what has been the greatest outcome for you after having a massive night out.  Mine is obviously this, but I am sure there are other stories!! 

Until next time!!


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  1. Excellent blogg and review and some very special people with you there Daniel.

    Rachel you are spreading the diving love and we cant wait to get you back here in Tenerife XX

    1. Thanks for your comment Mary! Rachel is definitely spreading the diving love and I must say, it look alike I will just have to go back in a few weeks to make sure the diving is just as spectacular in January as it is in December. One must be thorough!!! I will look you guys up if I am in Tenerife!! on Scuba diving Cambodian style!!

  2. I can't stop myself to leave a comment about your blog and experiences....they're superb.

    Isn't scuba diving a wonderful skill to earn? awaiting for more posts about diving!

    1. No worries Catherine. More Scuba posts to come!!! :)