Friday, December 16, 2011

I found paradise, and the toilets don't flush...Koh Rong!!!

Hello all!!
Sorry I have been offline for so long!  As planned I travelled to the islands of Cambodia and we stayed on an island called Monkey Island or Koh Rong!  Koh Rong is paradise!! Well, paradise without electricity, internet, and flushing toilets.

The beach on arrival

I stayed at a resort called Monkey Island Resort (their website is here).  There are a couple of things that you initially need to get used to. Obviously, there is no electricity, except by generator which supplies power for about five hours after 6:00pm, and therefore no internet. This is all quite fine because the weather is mild and its nice to be away from Facebook! Then there are the no flushing toilets.  This is overcome by pouring water into the toilet after your done until everything has gone away, which also isn't too bad.  My bungalow was small, but comfortable... though it may have had a rat! :) Thankfully there are also cats!!

My Bungalow at Monkey Island Resort!

But the biggest thing to get used to is the pace.  It's just non existent.  If you want to swim, swim. If you don't, well... thats fine too. Monkey Island resort has it's own restaurant and bar which is excellent! Cheap drinks and good food, especially the thai menu as the owners wife is the chef, and she is thai! Its seems, the biggest decision you need to make at the resort is where will you drink your gin and tonic, at the bar in in a hammock... you chose the view you'd rather!!

The main village area is about 500 metres long, with most of the restaurants being on a strip along the beach about 200 metres long.  The restaurants are basic, but the food is great!! The hardest thing to chose after the type of food you can have is, again, which view you want!!

The local seafood restaurant!

Getting there:

Koh Rong is an island about 2 hours ferry from Sihanoukville, off the coast of Cambodia.  The ferry costs 7.50 each way.  Once there you can choose from a variety of accommodation from dorms and 5 bucks a head to rooms ranging from 8 bucks to 30 bucks, depending on space, facilities etc.  But everywhere is just a place to stay, and I'll talk you through my island trip next post!!

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