Monday, December 26, 2011

Bangkok Weekend Market - CHRISTMAS DAY!

So, come Christmas Day, I still hadn't any plans and Santa had forgotten I was in Bangkok! Luckily I was staying at an amazing hotel who remembered and they gave me some  cookies as a present! Bless their cotton socks!

After talking to our concierge, Mel Asheesh and I thought we would go and check out the weekend markets, apparently the biggest markets in the world!

This market had EVERYTHING you could ever want!  It's so big you could walk through it all day and not see everything!  It sells everything from pets to furniture and from food to art. Unlike other markets I have been to, the venders are not aggressive, everything is clean and organised and we definitely got to experience lots of life - smells, colours, people!  It was actually a really enjoyable way to spend the afternoon, but we were knackered after a few hours on our feet!!  We managed to find some great iced treats! I found an amazing berry ice smoothy and Mel found a delicious coconut ice-cream served with real coconut and peanuts in half a chilled coconut shell!! TO. DIE. FOR!!

 Here are a few snaps I took!

Bags and hats!!




Vintage commercials!!


Lunch - Pah Thai 

Tasty snacks being made! An egg mixture with seafood and chives!! 

 Worms?  Not for people, for birds! What, do you think they eat EVERYTHING here! :P

Getting there:
If you are in Bangkok and want to visit these markets I recommend it.  If you really want to look at a lot then you should definitely give yourself a full day!  You can get there buy either taxi or public transport, but we could not find a taxi which would take us by the meter so we had to negotiate a price.  We managed to get to and from our hotel (near Patpong) for 200 THB. This included all road tolls etc.  The trip took us about 20 mins each way, though we did have good traffic.

What about you, what did you do for Christmas?

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