Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Ancient Temples of Angkor, Day 2

Hey temple fans!
I hope you enjoyed the last post, even if it was mainly just a compilation of my photo's.  However, I am sorry to say, I have done pretty much the same thing today! I even used the same song!! I'm lacking creativity in my rush to get up to date on my movements over the past few days though.  As I speak I am sitting in a hotel in Phnom Penh after an amazing 6 hour boat ride from Siem Reap.  So I am keen to share the photographs from that, while also sharing my experiences in Phnom Penh, because there is lots to chat about.  But the temples of Angkor are just ace so I am going to get through those as quick as I can but be warned, posts may be coming thick and fast over the next few days.

Day two of the temples saw us see Angkor Thom, where Tomb Raider was shot, and two other temples I can't remember the name of, though each of them offered something different.  Thom, while being restored is also being left in a way so that the temples maintain an auto of ... Indian Jones I guess.  The jungle has definitely reclaimed this ground and the tree's provide a feel that you are still one of the first people to see these temples and exploring things for the first time.  I mean honestly, check this out!!!

The second temple, while a bit plain, was made of some remarkable red sandstone that seemed to glow in the sun from the right angles.  A lot of the lion statues have been decapitated which is really unfortunate.  The final temple, while small, has managed to hold some incredible detail in its' engravings.  So there are a few things for you to see in this slideshow!!

Wanna know something else, these puppies, the temples, were built between the eighth and twelfth centuries.  Think about that, that is over 800 years ago, with no electricity, auto mechanics... nothing!! Each time there was a new king, the Khmer empire built a new temple.  How much would it suck being a peasant in ancient Cambodia when your king died.  I'm sure half the population sighed "$%^&!! Here we go again!"  You know the Cambodians were praying for the red sports car to be invented!!  I jest.  Ancient kings of the orient didn't have to compensate for anything! I'm sure, there are no truth to those rumours at all!!!

So, between you, me, and the rest of the Facebook and Youtube community, here is my slideshow of day two of the temples of Angkor!  Oh, the quality should be good enough for you to view in full screen!! :)

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