Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Monkey's, flowers, temples, and sunsets!! Angkor Temples, Day 3

Finally, day three of the temples!!  I hope you have enjoyed the slide shows. I know there are lots of photo's but the temples truly are amazing!!

On the final day we explored Angkor Wat. This is the single largest religious building in existence, and it was built over 800 years ago.  "Angkor" in Khmer means city, and "Wat" means Capital. So you figure out the meaning of the two combined! :)

This sucker is so impressive, not to mention effing huge! Unfortunately, I don't think the temples staff got the memo that I was coming, because there was plenty of reconstruction going on which made the photo thing a bit harder, but it's still incredible.  Unlike the pyramids, or other ancient temples, Angkor Wat is still active and used by thousands of Buddhists.  When you see the steps you will understand why the are so skinny!! Imagine climbing those suckers for prayers EVERYDAY!!  Actually, Angkor Wat is so important to the Cambodians it is on their national flag!

Cambodian National Flag

The temple is actually built like a pyramid, in 3 phases which come together at a peak which is as tall as the Notre Dame cathedral in France. Also, all the towers are designed to look like the closed bud of a lotus flower! 

Oh, and I saw a monkey, next to a statue... That's just rad!

After Angkor Wat we progressed to another temple for the prime purpose of watching the sun set, which was glorious. 

Anyway, find the final instalment of my Temples below! :)

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