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Patong St and Christmas Eve - BANGKOK STYLE!!

I arrived in Bangkok around lunchtime, Christmas eve, and proceeded to Le Meridien Bangkok to meet some dear friends Melissa and Asheesh.  The hotel is AMAZING. I have stayed in some very nice hotels in my time but this one pretty much takes the cake.  stay tuned for some info on it..  I checked in immediately using the same little trick on their free computers in the lobby!

We headed to Somboon Seafood restaurant for an amazing late lunch.  Samboon was recommend to us by the concierge and it specialises in seafood.  We ordered about 5 dishes with some glasses of beer, of course, and each meal was quite good. Some were rather spicy, the tom yum soup was to die for as were the shrimp balls and fish.

Whole fish with chilli, ginger, garlic and basil.

After lunch we decided to go for a walk to let our meal settle and find a refreshing beverage to maintain our fluids.  We walked a few blocks and found our way into the Patpong district of bars, street sellers and ping pong shows!  Mel and I stopped to have a chat while Asheesh was dealing with a work call and we couldn't figure out why some guy was unrelenting in his determination to see his ping pong show.  That was until we saw what we were standing next to (below).  We said we would love to see the shows if he was in them which he was adamant he wasn't. Pity. He just looked at us strangely then moved on.  What a light weight!!

Looking for some magic or inspiration in your sex life. Viola!

We did find a somewhat less sleazy venue to sit down at which supplied many cocktails, drinks and eats, served by lady boys dressed and Santa... or Mrs Claus, not sure which.

My gin and tonic with a swivel stick.

 I've looked better!! So have that fake sleeve tattoo someone tried to sell me! :)
I did buy a lighter than projects an image of three people in a consensual activity though decided not to put a picture of that on here... pretty funny though!!

Our waiter.  Ms Man Claus!! 

After our sex infused G&Ts, we decided to get a massage back near our hotel before we went out for the night.  Only to find, low and behold, Asheesh's masseuse's name was Porn. No joke.  Can you believe that?  You're a masseuse named Porn, in Bangkok.  How many happy endings would you have been asked for??  I really wanted to take a picture but felt that would be too rude!!

We decided that it was time for us to move on from the children of the night and progress to what we are more accustomed to... fine drinks and good venues!!  Mel, Asheesh and I have now officially parties in some of the best venues in 3 countries this year, Australia, Thailand and Indonesia (OK, it was Bali, but the nicer parts of Bali).

I had read a few years ago that the rooftop bar in Bangkok named Sirocco was one of the top ten places you had to drink at in Asia, so we decided to go there after heading back to the hotel briefly to shower and change into something more appropriate.

The Rooftop bar is outside of the dome on top of the State Tower and is an amazing venue.  However, the use of space we all thought was under-utilised and the dress standard definitely wasn't being maintained (we were told no t-shirts, shorts etc).  Unfortunately what is an amazing venue and bar turned out to be a lot of tourists coming for one drink, photo's and then leaving.  This was all to the detriment of any atmosphere which the venue was definitely lacking, which was disappointing because there is so much potential.  There was an amazing jazz quartet playing above the dining and bar area, the drinks were large and good quality (I ordered the cucumber gin and tonic - amazing).  However, there definitely wasn't a vibe, it wasn't intimate, and was overcrowded with people coming for a quick look then leaving. However, the view is incredible as it is on the 64th floor.  You have a sweeping panorama over Bangkok and the river Chao Phraya.  Sunset views from Sirocco would be mesmerising!!  You actually end up being higher than any fireworks which are going off in the city which different - looking down at fireworks! The backdrop of the golden dome is nearly as impressive as the view.  Some of you may recognise the venue from the Hangover II.

Overall though, we found the venue too crowded for a bar it's size with the wrong type of clientele (poorly dressed) for what it deserved. While it is Christmas eve, and so may have been busier than normal, we thought it was a bit over-rated.  The bar is worth popping into and having a drink, but if you do take a light jacket as is can get cool. Once you have made a look and a drink or two move to the other side of the dome and look for a less talked about (but equally as good), less crowded bar called Distil.

Looking back at the dome from the roof top bar

Me, Melissa and Asheesh.  The photographer could have been better - I apologise!! :) 

 Distil offeres a similar type of service and menu to the roof top bar, however also serves free pistachio and olives with all drinks. There is a choice of standing tables or day beds to drink at.  We took a standing table while each ordered a drink and enjoyed being out of the wind (Distil is much more comfortable temperate wise being out of the wind) .  Mel and I ordered a "Cool as a Cucumber" cocktail, hoping for something similar to a cucumber gin and tonic and managed to get something very green with peas in it... (below).  It was quite nice, but the peas were a bit interesting!! At both bars expect to pay about 500 Baht for a drink plus taxes and surcharges.

'Cool as a Cucumber' cocktail from Distil at the top of the State Tower in Bangkok.

We were knackered after this, so retired to our hotel in the hope Santa would remember we were here!

What did you do for your Christmas Eve??

Until next time,


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