Monday, January 2, 2012

Ten things I never travel without...

1./  "My travel purse"  (which I happened to acquire from a drunken evening in the Basque region of Spain)

Tash likes to give me shit about my "smurse", "small purse" or whatever the fuck she wants to call it. But the truth is it's great for travelling because it's small and if I lose it, sure, it's an inconvenience, but I'd rather lose a little fabric "smurse" that my wallet and all my cards.  Besides, my wallet is Gucci.  Bitch.

2./  My travel wallet.

COMPLETELY different to my smurse, my travel wallet is actually a large, DLish size leather.. alright, purse looking thing, that holds everything you could need for your travels.  I never actually carry it around  with me unless I am boarding planes, or moving from one place to the next.  Its stays in my safe.  It holds all my travel documents, my insurance documents, my extra cash (usually about $1,000 USD for emergencies) and all tickets, boarding passes, contact details and itinerary etc.

3./  $1,000 USD

Almost anywhere in the world will accept it and its enough to get you just about anywhere.  It may not get you from London to Sydney, but it will get you from point  A to point B in a hurry if needed.  Things can happen and you may not have access to an ATM.  Good for bribes too, should you need it.

4./  My jewellery.

OK, that sounds stupid, but i have a few pieces of jewellery that always come with me.  My one of a kind, cast silver, ring that my mother gave me on my graduation from uni, my necklace made of carved whale bone that I bought myself when I sailed to New Zealand from Sydney, it's suppose to bring good luck for fisherman and travellers, and a few other trinkets I have bought while travelling.  I think they give me luck and help define my persona. All are talking pieces and unique.

My whale bone carving.

5./  Two framed photo's of my mother and late father.

I put them up in each new hotel room I travel to.  It reminds me of home and helps keep me remembering what's important.  I love my family.

6./  Gaffer tape

Seriously, this stuff is the shit!  Any one who has ever done any backstage theatre know that the universe is probably held together with this stuff.  It is great for ripped bags, emergency shoes, marking bags, making hammocks... whatever!!!

7./  String or rope.

My cousin Katherine got me on this when she couldn't find gaffer tape.  Also works well for things gaff may not be the as good for (I know, they are rare) like tying things up, a spare belt if you lose weight, a broken shoe lace, whatever!!!

8./  A pack of clip on koalas

Seriously, these things are winners anywhere you travel and can even help you get out of many situations.  I was once being harassed my a girl, begging me for money in China, as soon as I pulled out my koala she completely forgot what she was doing and accepted the gift and her mother conceded defeat in the begging game as well.  Laughs all round for a few minutes and I even got a kiss on the cheek!! I have also given them to police officers in Japan for helping me contact my friend, people in Spain, and children on about 4 continents.  They are always well appreciated as gifts!!

9./  A pen and writing pad.

Ever wanted to take note of something but couldn't, or met someone awesome and wanted their number/facebook/email, to remain in contact!! With all our technology nothing beats the good old ink and paper.

10./  My Macbook Air.

I love love LOVE it!!  It helps me keep up with friends and business.  It can be a bit bad when you can't let things at home go, but also a life saver! :)

What are the things you never travel without?

Until next time,


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  1. Cool post Dan! Agree re the koalas! I will keep the gaffa tape tip in mind, never thought of travelling with it before. I personally never travel without a small swiss army knife and pegless clothesline, they've come in handy so many times!
    Hope you are having a ball! Stay safe! Janelle xx

  2. Thanks Janelle, glad you liked it!! Go the Gaff! It's gold. Pegless clothes line sounds like a brillant thing to take around!! Where did you get one?