Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Queen of Koh Samui

I have met the Queen of Koh Samui.  Not only is she the Queen of Koh Samui, she is one of the coolest most hospitable and loveliest people I have met! I love her!  This lady knows EVERYONE on this island and is more than happy to help you out should you need it.

Noi is the owner of the Gecko Club in the hills of Bophut, Koh Samui.  Once owners of the Gecko Club on Bophut Beach, Noi and Gary sold up and  moved up into the hills of Bophut for a bit of a more quieter scene and sweeping views of the island and ocean.  Can't really argue with these views can you?

View from the Gecko Club (stolen from their Facebook page!)

Noi met Dan (not me, the other Dan) in Ibiza many years ago, has helped us (being myself, Dan and Kim) do so much in and around the island its been incredible.Not only has she organised us with an awesome driver who wasn't going to rip us off, and told us the best places to see on the island, she also helped us get price reductions on anything we did. For example, I am currently staying in a 5 star hotel room which I am getting for less than $100 a night. That is reduced from the standard price of about US$400  a night, and it was about $240 on Agoda.com.  She also talked down the price of our own private speed boat when going to Koh Phangan, auditioned some DJ's for the full moon party, and other clubs on the island, and got us "Noi prices" when we went out.  This is a someone everyone who comes to the island needs to know and her club is definately a place you need to visit for a day. Lie down, and just chill out at. Really, make sure you visit her club and try some of her fruit shakes and her home made food. Her fish chicken soup and Beef massaman are to die for.

To get there, take the second right after the Bophut traffic lights at the Old Monkey Theatre Soi, and follow the orange flags and yellow signs.  Its 300 metres to the right after the golf course.

Facebook page is here.

Visit, chill out, make friends and enjoy Samui!!

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