Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Why having no plans give you the best days!!

Today was a brilliant day!! After posting about having nothing to do and no where to stay, I promptly found some accommodation for the night and hired a driver to drive me around the island for the day.  I wanted to see all the sights!!

First off we went and saw a few temples.  And while temples are temples, these were still pretty nice! I love how Asian temples are so vibrantly coloured and have mosaics of coloured glass and mirrors!! They absolutely gleamed in the sunshine today!

After the temples, we went and saw a petrified monk.  No, not a mummified monk, a petrified monk.  This thing has dried up and now just sits in a glass case.  Now, before I go further, if you had to picture a petrified monk sitting in a glass case, what do you think it would be wearing?  Go on, think about it.  A robe, perhaps gold in colour??  What about a pair of imitation Ray Bans?  Did you picture those anywhere?  Well, this guy had them!!  Wanna know something else?  Occasionally, other monks have to come and give the monk a haircut!!  That freaked me out. So I took a photo of his Ray Bans and left!

The Monk in his cage!!

I wonder how much Ray Bans gives for this advertising!! Monks would be all over Ray Bans rip offs now!!

We found a rock in the form of a cock at our next stop.  Actually, it was two!  I think it it a tenuous link, but apparently this is a young mans' penis...

Proud, strong, young man penis!

and this is an old mans' penis....  (this is Grandpa)

Droopy, limp, old man penis (lying on the rock).

There was also a stone that was suppose to look like the lady bits, which is called Grandma, but I got distracted by the below!!!  It was much more exciting than those rocks!!  LOOK AT THE CUTE!!  

I think Asia does cute like nothing else!! 

This is the owner of the dog, a lovely girl named Tang!  I nearly kidnapped her dog but Tang would not have a bar of it!! :)  

Dan, puppy and Tang!

After too many cocks made of rocks I made my way to an elephant ride (pics here) and climbed a waterfall (pics here) before having dinner looking at this sunset!!

Not a bad day!! 

Until next time!!


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