Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The five great things about being sick while overseas!!

Oh my gosh!! Yesterday I had the weirdest stomach bug known to man! Henceforth, therefore, I didn't come into Siem Reap to send a message.  I have nothing much to update you on, as I have been sick, but the great news is Tash's mother is arriving in two days, so we will be visiting the temples nearly and I reckon will be giving you some of the best posts yet, with amazing pictures.

What I did notice while I was sick though, is that there are some great advantages to being sick in an Asia country rather than at home.  So I thought, since I have nothing else to share, I may as well share these:

Dan's 5 reasons why being sick overseas is not so bad!

1./ DVD's are much cheaper.  
OK, they are pirated and ok, they rob companies of there rightful income, and ok, its stealing and I wouldn't steal a car, but as the saying goes I would download one if I could.  In the last 36 hours I have watched the first series of V, the first 2 series of the United states of Tara, a full series of Family guy, All of the Young Ones, and Point Break. Good news is all these DVD's cost me about 20 bucks! I'm practically making money!

2./ You make gains on your budgeting!  
While on money, we all know that when you budget money while overseas you usually break it.  Well, a few days with a stomach flu and you're back in the black baby! I have only spent about 30 dollars in 3 days  on water, small meals, and DVD's!

3./  If you have travelling buddies, they can look after you!
This is much more of a novelty that you may imagine!  Once you've moved out of home, unless you are partnered, who looks after you? No one!! But I had DVD's provided for me and all my shopping done! Better yet, I didn't even pay for it!!

4./ Calling in sick is ok!!
If you are volunteering, you need not feel too guilty about not rocking up for work.  Yes, there will be one day without the crazy white guy, but its not as if management can dock your pay and there is no requirement for medical certificates!!

5./  You can have your choice of meals!
I wanted a toasted sandwich for dinner last night,  Ham and Cheese.  Its a great sick snack, because if you are going to throw up, it comes up soft!  Actually, a slight digression on my point, there are a number of foods that are great if you may be throwing up soon be it for stomach bugs, sea sickness, or whatever. You just need to remember that it does in fact need to be able to come up soft, so banana's, Sao's, water crackers, and the like are all good because they don't hurt as much on the up chuck!

Back to my point though, Tash was kind enough to ride into town to get me dinner and the toasted sandwich I got delivered to me was the single best toasted sandwich I think has ever been created, neigh, brought to life, my the hand of man.  In fact, it wasn't technically a sandwich.  It started off as a toasted ham sandwich with, I think, a béchamel sauce (white sauce for lasagne).  Then, they took said toasted sandwich, and rubbed garlic on one side, placed cheese on top, and put it under the grill! It was a mix of a cheese pizza and toasted ham sandwich... AH-MAY-ZING!  And better yet, I didn't throw it up!!

So, tell me, what are your favourite sick moments/foods! Comment below or on Facebook!

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